Welcome to Technobly!

Welcome to Technobly!

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With over 20 years of Electronic Engineering expertise, we are committed to bringing you Excellent Open Source Electronics, Kits and Projects for DIY Enthusiasts!

Simply put, we love to make!  Technobly was born by makers, for makers.  We love the maker community, and support Sparkfun, Adafruit, Make Magazine and the countless other small businesses that are sprouting and growing every day.  This community is awexome! (x is for extremely)

Real quick, we’d like you to understand why “Technobly”?  We hope it’s completely obvious 🙂  “Tech” is the easy part, it’s short for Technology. From concept to electronic, mechanical or theoretical creation, technology fuels our maker-engines.  “Nobly” means we do it right, and with excellence. Everything is made up of fine details, and they’re not to be overlooked.  There is honor in engineering, and we take it seriously.  We’re here to help you from something as simple as generating your next idea, or providing you with the hardware and software to turn your dreams into reality. We are: Technobly


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February 21, 2022 at 2:14 pm

My 100 display is very dim and sometimes goes blank. Do you do repairs?

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